Support: Image Makers

Photographers love pictures, but photographers also love the backstory on pictures and to learn how differently other photographers work. 

While we've been busy looking at documentaries on the masters, we often forget that Singapore has their own elite set of visual documentarians and image makers. 

Photographer Tan Ngiap Heng together with Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film and production house The Creative Room shot three short documentaries in 2012 of prominent Singapore photographers Chow Chee Yong, Tay Kay Chin and John Clang in an effort to showcase the different styles and also as an educational tool to allow both aspiring and seasoned photographers to have an insight into the processes and motivations behind these individuals.

Now, after the success of these initial three videos, Image Makers plans to film six more documentaries, this time of local photographers Chua Soo Bin, Jerry Seh, Russel Wong, Darren Soh, Robert Zhao (Zhao Renhui) and Ho Hui May. With vastly different backgrounds and styles, this would definitely add on to give a more complete picture of Singapore photography.

Image Makers have created an indiegogo page to crowd source for funds to help make these documentaries a reality so please support them in whatever way you can.

Not sold on the idea? Then take the time to enjoy the first three documentaries and I am sure you will change your mind!


So what are you waiting for? Support them HERE